Grass-Fed Beef:

River Oak Farm in partnership with a veteran cattleman in the Lowesville area graze a beautiful herd of Red Angus/Gelbvieh cows. These cows are managed in an intensive grazing program that sometimes has them moving to fresh pasture twice in one day. This type of rotational grazing keeps our grass and the herd that graze upon it at their healthiest and most productive state. The cows on the farm do an excellent job keeping grass at a stage of growth that maximizes its carbon intake. The herd moves across the farm along the edges of the forest in the bottomland pastures and up to an elevation of 850 feet on Oak Hill throughout the week enjoying a mixture of high quality, native grasses.  We are committed to producing 100% grass-fed beef that is raised with care, compassion and integrity. We believe this commitment is attributed to the incredibly tender, juicy and flavorful beef we produce!

All Pricing Per Pound:

Filet Mignon -  $24
NY Strip - $19
Rib Eye - $16
Flank - $15
Flat Iron - $14
Sirloin - $13
Skirt - $12
Sirloin Tip, Chuck, & Brisket - $9
Eye Round, Rump & Round Roasts - $8
Beef Cubes -$8
Ground Beef - $7
Marrow Bones, Liver, Heart & Ox-Tail - $4
Beef Tongue - $3
Dog Bones - $2