Forest Fed Pork:

Our heritage breed pigs are raised in the forest on our land amongst the towering pines, beech, maple, red oak, sassafras, persimmon, pear and apple trees. They have the ability to root and wallow under a hardwood canopy just as they would do in the wild. They live the entirety of their lives never putting foot to concrete. This is quite rare in a marketplace dominated by industrial pig production. Our pigs do a good job earning their keep around the farm too. When we have land that needs to be cleared we don’t call a bulldozer, we move the pigs in. Nothing goes to waste on the Farm because we’ve got nature’s best disposal waiting to put their services into action. Pigs are a true delight to have around and we are happy and proud to report that the flavor and texture of their pork is spectacular!

* Please call or email for pricing and availability.