Pasture Raised Chicken:

When we say our birds are raised on pasture we mean it. Fresh air, green grass, big mountain views, and plenty of sunshine. The chicks start their lives in a warm brooder house in our barn. When they are between 2-3 weeks they are placed in moveable shelters rotated over fresh pasture daily. The pasture lifestyle keeps the health of the flock at their highest level.  Our chickens achieve and maintain this state of health 100 percent naturally. A healthy, pasture-raised chicken doesn’t require antibiotics, steroids, added hormones or any of the other crutches the industrial farm model relies upon. Besides the grass and grubs that our birds forage on freely, their diet is supplemented with a locally grown GMO free grain purchased from Sunrise Feeds located in the Shenandoah Valley. When it comes time for our chickens to be harvested we are proud to keep them on the land where they were raised. Instead of a long, stressful haul to a facility they are processed with integrity right on the farm, minimizing the stress of the animal but also insuring a clean and humanely processed chicken. We invite you to taste the difference in what is truly a unique product and one we are proud to offer. 

All Pricing Per Pound:  

Whole - $4
Half - $5
Wings - $3.75
Whole Leg Quarters - $5.50
Boneless Breast - $11
Bone-In Breast - $9.50
Soup Stock Pack - $1.50
Livers - $4
Hearts - $2
Feet - $1.50